Spray disinfectant with total discharge system

Bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant aerosol spray with total discharge system, didecyldimethylammonium chloride and glutaraldehyde based.

This product is not very sensitive to the presence of organic matter, it is not corrosive, and it has high moisturizing power that facilitates cleaning and reduces the necessary contact time for the disinfection of treated facilities.

It is suitable for disinfecting silos, fruit storehouses, incubators, etc.

Nº Registro: DGSP: 18-20/40-06385

Format: 150cc

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  • Double action: antibacterial, antifungal/colourless and odourless/non-corrosive, pH neutral
  • Excellent diffusion power, expanding rapidly and reaching even the most inaccessible places
  • The disinfectant is easy to apply and ideal for deep disinfection, eliminating bacteria, germs and fungi.
  • Good coverage: covers an area of 100 m3 with a single spray
  • Quick discharge (2.15 minutes) compared to other applications
  • Complies with the UNE-EN 1276 and 1650 standards
  • Product registered as suitable for the food industry (HA)
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product

Environmental/Food Industry use

Spray the product using the total discharge valve


Read the label carefully before using the product. Make sure there is no food present and that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that any food, machinery and/or tools being handled on the premises or facilities treated with the product in question do not contain residues of any of its active ingredients. This includes rinsing the treated surfaces with drinking water after use. Properly ventilate the premises before entering.

Do not apply with people present and it is advisable to not enter the premises within 12 HOURS of treatment.


  • Use undiluted, 1 bottle of 150cc for 100m3

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